DIY Outdoor Chandelier from Repurposed Objects

Marcy blogs at Day 2 Day Supermom.  Admittedly, she has a “thing” for Mason jars.  So when she saw an outdoor chandelier on Pinterest made from canning jars, she knew she had to make one of her own.  After all, Marcy had plenty of empty Mason jars, and it wasn’t hard to scavenge a nice looking piece of wood from her husband’s project pile.

Day 2 Day Supermom chandelier before

Marcy makes this project sound easy!  She  measured and cut holes in the board for the jars, first.  Since the board looked a little newer than she wanted it too, Marcy aged it a bit with vinegar and steel wool.  She glued the jars in place and attached chains to hang the chandelier.  The finishing touch?  Adding sand and candles to the jar.  Isn’t it lovely?

Day 2 Day Supermom chandelier after

Read Marcy’s tips for making a mason jar chandelier like this one at Day 2 Day Supermom.


  1. Oh my! Thank you so very much for featuring my project! I had so much fun making it and am truly enjoying it. YOU. ARE. AWESOME! Thanks again =) Marcy @ day2day SuperMom

  2. I love this outdoor chandelier, just beautiful!!

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