Metallic Mermaid Hair Clips


Ashley from Hello Nature loves combing the beach for interesting, beautiful seashells. Her growing collection has inspired a “a nautical hair accessory that’s perfect for Summer!”

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Vintage Pillowcase Upcycled to Vendor Apron


Sarah has a confession: she can’t resist buying pretty linens from the thrift store, and now her collection is taking over the garage. They say the first step is acknowledging the problem. The second (much more fun) step involves turning vintage pillowcases into beautiful vendor aprons over at Sadie Seasongoods!

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Easy Button Cufflinks for Father’s Day


Natalie from Creme de la Crafts has a great Father’s Day gift idea–all you need to do is “dig through your house for some interesting looking buttons!” Once you find them, you’ll have just about all you need for a kid-friendly project that results in a “one-of-a-kind gift for Dad.”

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Kids’ Craft: Necktie Rattlesnakes


Maria blogs at Sew Travel Inspired. A recent vacation to see her grandchildren in New Mexico inspired this fun craft project that upcycles old neckties. “I took my grandchildren to visit the American International Rattlesnake Museum in Old Town Albuquerque,” Maria explains.

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Hair Clips Get a Retro Fabric Makeover

Courtney is one of the three fabulous sisters you’ll meet at Fry Sauce and Grits. When her two-year-old daughter finally got fed up with Mom borrowing her hair clips, Courtney took it as a sign to dig into her fabric scrap bag and create some great new fabric-covered hair clips for herself!

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DIY Scarf Organizer


Here’s a quick project that you can make that you probably have most of the materials for already on hand. It’s a hanging scarf organizer, and Jessica from Living on the Cheap came up with it. The first step is easy: pull out a plastic hanger from your closet.

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Sunglasses Makeover with Mod Podge


Dawn is a “big fan of cheap-o sunglasses,” partly because she has a reputation for “breaking or losing” them. (You’re not alone there, Dawn!) Over at Pretty Shabby UK, she’s showing us how to give our inexpensive sunnies some serious swagger.

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Popsicle Stick Jewelry


Here’s a fun project using something that is easy to find during the summer months: popsicle sticks! Daniela at Curly Made has been experimenting with turning wooden popsicle sticks into jewelry.

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