Fun With Old Windows: a Chalkboard Calendar

April from House By Hoff is back to share another rescue with us.  “Remember when I found a bunch of old windows on the side of the road and said that I had a lot of different ideas for them?” she asks.  “I wasn’t lying.  This will make my third (and probably final) old window project!”

House by Hoff window before

Like her other window projects, April started this one off with a thorough cleaning, followed by sealing the chippy paint with polycrylic just in case there was any lead in it.  Next, she tells us, “I primed the window panes with latex primer, then brushed them with two coats of chalkboard paint.”  The addition of vinyl lettering to the board along with small hooks make this an important addition to April’s home.  Along with the schedule and grocery list, “I hang Miss L’s outfit on the hooks each day.  That way no matter who is getting her ready, (Mr. Hoff, myself, my mom, my MIL) they know exactly how to dress her.”  Smart!

House By Hoff old window after

Get more details on this project at House By Hoff.

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