Fabric Makes a Shelf Fab

Kristi from My Weekly Habit has been working on turning her guest bedroom into an office space. She's been pulling pieces of furniture in from other rooms of the house, like this small white shelf that had been down in the basement.
McCall Manor weathered shelf

Grandma’s Shelf Gets Glam

Meet Holly, from McCall Manor, who asks a question many of us are probably familiar with: "You know all of those times when you scour the internet looking for a piece of furniture that has the EXACT dimensions that you need for a space and when you can’t find it online you look in your garage and realize that a piece you had been using to hold dirty garden shoes is actually perfect?" McCall Manor weathered shelf
Our House spool before

Wooden Spool Gets a Book Loving Redo

At Our House, Now a Home, Emily shares a terrific rescue project.  "I got this spool as a freebie when I was picking up some chairs from a craigslist post," she explains.  "It was going to be thrown out"  Emily had a feeling that she could turn it into something amazing, so she brought it home and did just that! Our House spool before