Tour de France-worthy Foyer Table

bike wheel

Kimm at Reinvented needed an “unusually tall, unusually narrow and unusually shallow foyer table” to fit her tall, narrow, shallow foyer. The solution came in the form of four porch posts, one old bike wheel, and a genius husband.

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Fab BBQ Station from Beat-up Computer Desk


Dianne’s daughter found an old computer desk on the curb while out riding her bike. Dianne, who blogs at Once upon a Storage, says she had been “looking for a piece that I could turn into a BBQ Prep Station on our patio,” so she snagged this desk and turned it into a fully loaded Father’s Day gift.

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From Trashpile to Tres Chic Mini Table & Chairs

table and chairs

Erin of Elizabeth Joan Designs spotted this small folding table and chairs on the curb and “thought it would at least be worth the effort to try and fix it up.” I’m so glad she did, because the black & white results are pretty fantastic!

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Rustic Industrial Coffee Table from a Throway


Once up on time, after Dena of Hearts & Sharts had been visiting a friend, her friend asked, “Hey, do you want this crappy table?” Dena hesitated, then decided the sturdy but stained table might be perfect for turning into an upholstered ottoman someday, so took it home to sit in her garage.

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Beating the Heat with a Water Table

scrap wood for water table

Water tables are a genius idea for summer. They’re outside, they’re fun, they’re wet, and possibly kids are learning math or something while they’re playing. (Let’s just say they are!) Gretchen from Boxy Colonial used scrap wood and an inexpensive cement-mixing tray to create her own backyard water table. The intended kiddo was pretty pleased with the results!

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Stepladder Performs Double Duty


Debbie at Refresh Restyle has big plans for a backyard “outdoor oasis” and says, “I give myself bonus points for using things that I already have.” A short ladder from her stash is the perfect candidate for a little multi-purpose makeover, making its debut as a side table AND planter!

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Refinished Furniture Inspired by Summer


At Fynes Designs, Virginia was inspired by the hues of summer to refinish this rescued furniture. Most of these pieces came straight from the trash. Although they didn’t look pretty when she found them, they were actually sturdy and there was nothing wrong with their construction.

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A Two-Tiered Transformation


At Refashionably Late, Ruthie went out in search of a free swing set that she’d seen advertised. The swings were gone, but what she found instead was a woman in a hurry to unload a lot of stuff….with a garage full of furniture she was giving away for free! Ruthie was delighted to discover a piece of furniture she’d been wanting for a while: a tiered side table.

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