Hello, my name is Beckie Farrant, thanks for joining me at Roadkill Rescue.

I love finding something that the majority of the world would classify as junk and then taking that “something” and turning it into something amazing.  On one of my other blogs, Infarrantly Creative, I coined the term Roadkill Rescue.  It was the name I gave to the process of finding something curbside and transforming it into useable and beautiful decor.  I saw how my readers loved my Roadkill Rescue projects the most out of all the projects I have done over the years and thought having a place to showcase that beautification process would be something the blogworld might want.  Thus…Roadkill Rescue was born.

When I began blogging four years ago at Infarrantly Creative I never would have guessed that I would someday inspire people to create. Nothing brings me more delight then when one of my readers emails me a picture of something they made because I inspired them.  The people I feature on Roadkill Rescue feel the same way, so click on over to their sites and tell them they inspired you…you will make their day.

Meanwhile take a seat, grab a latte and be inspired by the amazing trash-to-treasure projects here on Roadkill Rescue.  Because…after all…one man’s trash is another WOMAN’S treasure.

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