An Elephant Foot Stool

"This footstool had been kicking around the classrooms in my school for over fourteen years. No one is quite sure who it belonged to originally," explains Lori at Rise.Shine.Create. When she found it hidden under a pile of books in another classroom, she asked her colleague if it could go home with her.

Wire Spools to Pretty Stools

When her husband sent her a text asking if she wanted a couple of wire spools, "I immediately said yes!" says Lisa at Mabey She Made It. Since the stools were too small to use as a table, and too large to turn into children's furniture, Lisa decided that they could serve best as stools.
Pickles in My Tea and Soup drawer before

From Drawer to Footstool

Occasionally, seasoned Roadkill Rescuers encounter the phenomenon of extra drawers.  In Beth's case, she found a dresser on the side of the road that was in horrible shape except the drawers, which were completely fine.  She shares her idea for rescuing drawers over at her blog, Pickles In My Tea & In My Soup. Pickles in My Tea and Soup drawer before