Tree Trimmings Door Wreath


When Nicole spotted a pile of trimmings at the Christmas tree lot, she figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask the guy running the lot if she could have a few. He said, “Go ahead, help yourself,” so Nicole took home plenty of greenery and blogged about what she did with it at Design It Vintage.

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Paper Doily Christmas Trees


Here’s a quick and easy project from the girls and One-O. It’s a snowy Christmas tree made from paper doilies!

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Snowflakes from Pallets

how to take apart a pallet

Here’s a pallet project perfect for your winter decor! Made by DeDe of Designed Decor, she has a bunch of these pallet snowflakes hanging outside her shop, where they are selling like hotcakes!

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Coastal Christmas Decor Made from Fallen Branches


Inspired by some of the Christmas trees she’d seen made out of driftwood over the years, Amanda wanted to make a tree of her own from fallen branches. She tells all about the project at Crafts By Amanda.

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Wreath Week: From Burnt Out to Brilliant


You know you’re committed to upcycling when you keep a collection of burnt-out Christmas lights. Amanda at Mommy is Coocoo does, and her lights have finally found their second life as a colorful Christmas wreath.

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Wreath Week: Seed Pods Go Metallic

eucalyptus seed pods

Lisa thought she’d found acorns on a walk with her family, but she had “never seen anything like them.” She and her girls gathered a stroller full and brought them home. After Lisa turned her “acorns” into a gorgeous metallic wreath, a few sharp-eyed readers at Mabey She Made It identified them as eucalyptus seed pods. Whatever they are, they look amazing on Lisa’s front door!

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Wreath Week: Gold Pine Cones

Prepping Pine Cones 01

Brittany likes to “bring the outside in,” and her outside obliged with lots and lots of pine cones. After de-bugging her found treasures, Brittany shows us at Whimsy Renee how she turned her pine cones into an elegant (and super easy) wreath.

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Wreath Week: Work Socks Workin’ It


Alex loves work socks. She says, “I don’t know what it is about them that I adore but to me they scream Canadian Winter and endless decor and craft projects.” Because of this love, she had several pair that were wearing out in the soles. At Northstory, she shows us how she upcycled them into the Christmas wreath of her dreams.

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