Kids Art Desk from an Armoire

A friend of Gail's found this kid-sized armoire in a pile of furniture on the side of the road. Knowing that Gail (of My Repurposed Life) is a genius at refabbing old furniture, the friend brought the whole pile to her. I'm pretty amazed by what she did with the armoire.

Milk Painted Corner Hutch

Do you have a spot in your house that bugs you? For Allison at The Golden Sycamore, it was a corner in her dining room. No matter what she tried to do with it, "It just never felt right." Then she spotted this corner cabinet on her neighbor's curb and dragged it home. She put it in the problem corner just to keep it out of the way but fell in love with how it looked there! And once you see what she did with it, you'll fall in love with it too.
The Junk House hutch before

Grandma’s Hutch Gets a Makeover

Every so often when I feature painted furniture here, the furniture police show up, ready to make arrests because an original finish just got covered up with paint.  My attitude about this is expressed very well by Sam from The Junk House, when she explains why she decided to paint the hutch she'd inherited from her grandmother.  "At first I was hesitant to paint over such a nice piece, but I know that my grandma would prefer I paint it and enjoy it rather than give it away because it didn’t fit my style or begrudgingly keep it out of obligation."  If paint keeps a perfectly useful piece of furniture out of the junkyard, go for it! The Junk House hutch before
Thrifty Treasures armoire before

Amazing Armoire Makeover

Sara from Thrifty Treasures scored this armoire through Freecycle.  That's right, someone gave this sturdy piece up for free!  It had great lines and was in pretty decent shape, but Sara couldn't resist the urge to give it a new look. Thrifty Treasures armoire before