A Whale of a Tale


Laura’s rescue may seem to just be about using a piece of reclaimed wood to make something beautiful, but it’s so much more than that! I got sucked into the story of her grandparents’ hand-built home (where the wood came from) and her parent’s beach house (where the completed piece is going). At Finding Home, Laura is telling the stories and introducing us to a very sentimental and happy whale.

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Scrap Wood Planter is Worth the Wait


Kristi at Making it in the Mountains says, “Every time I see one of these lovely planter boxes, I tell myself that I’m going to make one too . . . and then life gets busy. ” She’s finally making it happen, thanks to a scrap wood challenge and a stash of beautiful blue mason jars.

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Tour de France-worthy Foyer Table

bike wheel

Kimm at Reinvented needed an “unusually tall, unusually narrow and unusually shallow foyer table” to fit her tall, narrow, shallow foyer. The solution came in the form of four porch posts, one old bike wheel, and a genius husband.

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Beating the Heat with a Water Table

scrap wood for water table

Water tables are a genius idea for summer. They’re outside, they’re fun, they’re wet, and possibly kids are learning math or something while they’re playing. (Let’s just say they are!) Gretchen from Boxy Colonial used scrap wood and an inexpensive cement-mixing tray to create her own backyard water table. The intended kiddo was pretty pleased with the results!

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A Tic Tac Toe Board that Rocks


Taryn (of Design, Dining, and Diapers) is in the Pacific Northwest and now that winter is over she’s ready to “spend every second outside!” (I know the feeling!) She used a piece of scrap wood and some stones from her back yard to create an outdoor tic tac toe game that’s “inexpensive and provides great entertainment for all ages.” At Tater Tots & Jello she’s showing us how she did it.

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Texas State Art from Scraps and Cardboard

state art template

I just love turning the 50 states into artwork! This fun piece of art from Kristi at I Should Be Mopping the Floor not only features the state of Texas, it was made using several things that could have been tossed in the trash. This is some pretty fine recycling!

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Handsome New House Numbers


New homeowner Maggie, from Polka Dots in the Country, noticed that she didn’t have any numbers on the outside of the house that would indicate their address. She set out to remedy that problem with some wood and stain leftover from other projects.

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DIY Rustic Arrow


Scavenger Chic’s Joan loves working with pallet wood so much that she started to panic as her stack of pallets dwindled. Luckily, she found three pallets leaning up against a dumpster, so she was back in business! Check out her latest pallet project.

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