Candlelit Romance from Chippy Barn Wood

Sara, A.K.A “Mrs. Major Hoff” blogs at Major Hoff Takes a Wife.  She tells us, ” My friend just happened to find this fabulous chippy painted barn wood when she was out strolling through a pasture. Okay, so she is a veterinarian, and maybe is out in pastures more than the rest of us–but holy smokes! What a score!”

Major Hoff Takes a Wife old wood before

While most of the wood was set to be turned into picture frames, one piece was a little chunkier than the others, so Sara had the chance to get creative with it.  By drilling four round holes into it, she created a beautiful votive candle holder for her friend’s breakfast table.  How lovely!

Major Hoff Takes a Wife old wood after

Get all the details on this project at Major Hoff Takes a Wife.

Castaway Dresser Gets Ombre-fied

Over at Restoration Redoux, Shanna’s friend gave her a few pieces of furniture that the didn’t want anymore, including this dresser.  “This was the first piece I’ve completed that didn’t have any hardware, so since the fronts were so plain to begin with, I decided to focus on the color,” Shanna explains.

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser before

The finish was free of dents and scratches, so the first step in this makeover was to give it a quick coat of ivory shaded paint.  Then, Shanna went for the ombre effect on the drawers.  Starting at the top, she added a little more turquoise paint to the ivory paint she had already used with each successive drawers.  The graduated shading looks especially lovely on this piece.  It reminds me of a swimming pool!

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser after

Get more details on this project by clicking over to Restoration Redoux.

Vintage Folding Chair Makes a Great Command Center

Over at Nalle’s House, Anu asks, “A folding chair is great for small spaces, parties and as additional seating, but what do you do with it while it’s not in use?  I decided to make my vintage folding chair serve double duty as seating and as a command center in my front entry.”

Nalle's House folding chair before

Wait–did Anu just say she turned a folding chair into a command center?  That’s right!  With the chair folded up, she painted the bottom of the seat with chalkboard paint, to serve as a message center.  She hung a handy little rectangular bucket from the crossbar of the chair with s-hooks.  “The tray at the bottom is perfect for holding sunglasses, keys, cellphone, etc. and even for adding a little greenery or flowers to the space,” Anu notes.  Hung up on the wall, the chair pulls double duty as stored extra seating and a commend center!  Not to mention, it’s completely beautiful in this space.

Nalle's House folding chair after

Read more about how this folding chair was repurposed at Nalle’s House.

Spiffing Up Old Books

Over at her blog, Two Twenty-One, Chelsea has come up with a fun way to add a little pizzazz to old books.  She covers them with fabric!

Two Twenty One fabric covered books before

Don’t let the mention of fabric scare you away from this project since there’s no sewing involved.  Chelsea simply cuts a rectangle of fabric and uses adhesive spray to attach it to the cover of the book.  The sky’s the limit on this one–you can use any fabric you like to achieve this look.  Keep this tip in mind for styling bookshelves.  You could have a lot of fun with that!

Two Twenty One fabric covered books after

Do see a detailed tutorial on this process, visit Two Twenty-One.

Scholarly Workstation from Curbside Cabinets

These cabinet doors were a curbside treasure that caught Mindi’s eye and made her slam on the brakes! She brought them home and decided to turn them into a desk for her boys. At My Love 2 Create, she says, “When I finished this desk and put in my boys’ room it is was a toss up for who was more giddy, me or my boys.”


Mindi used scrap wood to cut nine shelf boards, then attached her shelves to the doors using screws and wood glue. She found “a piece of that 70 year old barn wood” from a previous project to play the role of desk top. Mindi added plywood backing, 1″x2″ trim, and some cool bed slats to form the “X”s holding the sections together. She sealed the barn wood with polyurethane, primed and painted the rest of the desk, and then spent six whole dollars on bins to put inside. That was her total budget, right there! Are you as impressed as I am? No wonder everyone’s giddy over this fabulous desk!

desk-from-cabinetsRead more about this makeover at My Love 2 Create.

Cooling Down with a Junk Drink Stand

Today’s rescue comes from Courtney of A Diamond in the Stuff. When she found a broken stool on the curb, she knew she’d eventually find a use for it. The stool’s day of destiny arrived, and now it’s a drink stand, perfect for an outdoor get-together!


After searching for months, Courtney finally found the perfect partner for the stool–a great metal bucket. She “popped off the two remaining pieces of the stool’s seat so I could have a more even surface to work with,” then used super glue to attach the bucket to the top. Courtney’s new drink stand is “big enough to hold a variety of beverages; whether it’s a bunch of capri suns for the kids, a pile of sodas for a party, or a few bottles of wine for ladies night.” Hey, count me in!

junk-drink-standTo read more about this rescue, check out A Diamond in the Stuff.


Pretty Porch Planters from Discarded Drawers

Don’t you love seeing all the colorful flowers turning up on everyone’s porches? Mindi noticed “drawers used for planters several times and loved them.” Thanks to a curbside find on her city’s clean up day, she finally has the chance to make her own! At My Love 2 Create, she’s showing us how it’s done.

wooden-drawers-and-spindlesMindi used scrap wood to create a base the size of the drawers, then used leftover wood from another project to create shelves for the bottom and the legs of the smaller planter. A set of $1 spindles became the legs for the taller planter. To finish the drawers, Mindi drilled a few drainage holes in the bottom, stapled them to the bases, and then had some fun with spray paint! Mindi says, “This project makes me super happy, and I am so glad I get to see them on my porch every day.” I would be too!

porch-planters-made-from-drawersSee the complete tutorial at My Love 2 Create.

Paper-topped End Table

Candice from ReFab Diaries spotted this table during a morning run. (See? Running IS good for you!) She brought it home and turned it into a gorgeous end table for her living room.


First Candice removed the cherry red paint and prepped the table for its new cover. She splurged on a beautiful sheet of handmade Nepalese paper for the tabletop and says, “I loved the obvious natural fibers and pops of red and orange.” Using Mod Podge, Candice adhered the paper to the table and created a protective top coat.


So cool! For more pictures and instructions (and to see where she ordered her paper) go check out the tutorial at ReFab Diaries!