A Whale of a Tale


Laura’s rescue may seem to just be about using a piece of reclaimed wood to make something beautiful, but it’s so much more than that! I got sucked into the story of her grandparents’ hand-built home (where the wood came from) and her parent’s beach house (where the completed piece is going). At Finding Home, Laura is telling the stories and introducing us to a very sentimental and happy whale.

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Framed Succulents: No Green Thumb Necessary


One reason succulents are so great is that they’re hard to kill. Succulents made out of paper, though? Even better! Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow grabbed an old picture frame and created a framed paper succulent piece that looks fabulous and needs absolutely no watering.

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That’s One Patriotic Pool Noodle


If you happen to have a pool noodle lying around (yep, I see all those nodding heads) then you are going to love this! With summer on the way, Camille realized that she didn’t have “a nice red, white, and blue decoration to celebrate Memorial Day or Independence Day.” So at Growing up Gabel she’s showing us how she quickly turned a pool noodle into a sparkly, patriotic wreath, using duct tape and a few goodies from the dollar store.

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From Off the Bed Onto the Walls


When Manda and her Mom refinished this gorgeous old bed frame, they ran into a little glitch: modern day mattresses are a little bigger than the ones this bed was made for. To solve that dilemma, they pulled out the old frame and slats and attached the headboard and footboard to a modern, metal frame. Manda was left with some aged wood and shared the way she repurposed some of it at Lost in the Found.

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Pallet-Inspired Coffee Mug Rack


Laura from My Newest Addiction kept seeing really cute coffee mug racks made from pallets, but did not love the $100+ price tag they came with. Instead, she created a version of her own! (Secret spoiler alert: you don’t even need a pallet to make this!)

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Rustic Industrial Caster Coat Rack


Joan from Scavenger Chic loves old wall hooks, “especially when they are made out of something unexpected.” She snagged a bunch of casters from her junk pile and combined them with scrap wood to create a fabulous coat rack with a stylish rustic industrial vibe!

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Clothespin Necklace Holder


Over at Our Peaceful Planet, Nancy is sharing an “an organizer and a craft! BONUS!” She’s hit on a great way to display jewelry using leftover clothespins. I bet this easy craft would be a hit with the tweens/teens in your life!

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Greeting Spring Showers with a Rain Boot Wreath


I know it’s supposed to be “April showers,” but for some of us the spring rainy season just keeps going! (And going, and going . . . ) Val from Home Made Modern has created an awesome nod to the spring weather. She turned a pair of outgrown wellies into a super-cheery wreath!

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