Candlelit Romance from Chippy Barn Wood

Sara, A.K.A “Mrs. Major Hoff” blogs at Major Hoff Takes a Wife.  She tells us, ” My friend just happened to find this fabulous chippy painted barn wood when she was out strolling through a pasture. Okay, so she is a veterinarian, and maybe is out in pastures more than the rest of us–but holy smokes! What a score!”

Major Hoff Takes a Wife old wood before

While most of the wood was set to be turned into picture frames, one piece was a little chunkier than the others, so Sara had the chance to get creative with it.  By drilling four round holes into it, she created a beautiful votive candle holder for her friend’s breakfast table.  How lovely!

Major Hoff Takes a Wife old wood after

Get all the details on this project at Major Hoff Takes a Wife.

Castaway Dresser Gets Ombre-fied

Over at Restoration Redoux, Shanna’s friend gave her a few pieces of furniture that the didn’t want anymore, including this dresser.  “This was the first piece I’ve completed that didn’t have any hardware, so since the fronts were so plain to begin with, I decided to focus on the color,” Shanna explains.

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser before

The finish was free of dents and scratches, so the first step in this makeover was to give it a quick coat of ivory shaded paint.  Then, Shanna went for the ombre effect on the drawers.  Starting at the top, she added a little more turquoise paint to the ivory paint she had already used with each successive drawers.  The graduated shading looks especially lovely on this piece.  It reminds me of a swimming pool!

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser after

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Vintage Folding Chair Makes a Great Command Center

Over at Nalle’s House, Anu asks, “A folding chair is great for small spaces, parties and as additional seating, but what do you do with it while it’s not in use?  I decided to make my vintage folding chair serve double duty as seating and as a command center in my front entry.”

Nalle's House folding chair before

Wait–did Anu just say she turned a folding chair into a command center?  That’s right!  With the chair folded up, she painted the bottom of the seat with chalkboard paint, to serve as a message center.  She hung a handy little rectangular bucket from the crossbar of the chair with s-hooks.  “The tray at the bottom is perfect for holding sunglasses, keys, cellphone, etc. and even for adding a little greenery or flowers to the space,” Anu notes.  Hung up on the wall, the chair pulls double duty as stored extra seating and a commend center!  Not to mention, it’s completely beautiful in this space.

Nalle's House folding chair after

Read more about how this folding chair was repurposed at Nalle’s House.

Spiffing Up Old Books

Over at her blog, Two Twenty-One, Chelsea has come up with a fun way to add a little pizzazz to old books.  She covers them with fabric!

Two Twenty One fabric covered books before

Don’t let the mention of fabric scare you away from this project since there’s no sewing involved.  Chelsea simply cuts a rectangle of fabric and uses adhesive spray to attach it to the cover of the book.  The sky’s the limit on this one–you can use any fabric you like to achieve this look.  Keep this tip in mind for styling bookshelves.  You could have a lot of fun with that!

Two Twenty One fabric covered books after

Do see a detailed tutorial on this process, visit Two Twenty-One.

Turning an Old Sketch Pad into an Office Accessory

Spotting a large sketch pad sticking out of her trash bin, Laura exclaimed, “Who threw this away?  Don’t these kiddos know that the bestest most awesomest chipboard ever is the backing from these sketch pads?”  She knew that sturdy chipboard leftover after all the paper had been used was perfect for recycling into a writing mat, and posted the project at Me and My Inklings.


Laura loves to sit out on her deck and write letters, but the family picnic table doesn’t have the most even writing surface.  So Laura’s writing mat would be for her picnic table, but you could use the same concept for any desk.   To dress up the chipboard, she started out by gluing white paper onto it.  Next, Laura made it look pretty by using adhesives to attach colorful ribbons onto the outer edges of the chipboard.  What a fun and fancy spot for letter writing!


Visit Me and My Inklings for a tutorial.

Headboard from Old Closet Doors

“One of the perks of being in a construction-related business is that you can claim any discards from job-sites that might be re-purposed,” Marty tells us at Marty’s Musings.  That’s exactly how this old set of shutter-like closet doors came into her possession.  Marty has a great imagination.  When she looked at the doors, she could see a headboard!


To take these doors from the closet to the bed, Marty started by cutting the doors in half across the center brace.  She layered several shades of gray and white paint over the cut doors, to achieve just the shabby chic look of weathered paint that she had in mind.  She placed the two halves side by side against the wall behind her bed to create a headboard.  I love the look of this headboard and the way Marty styled it!


For a detailed tutorial of this project, visit Marty’s Musings.

Refreshing What You Have for Gorgeous Organization

Okay, I just have to say that it is seriously hard to believe that this gorgeous and well-designed entry hallway is the product of not one, but TWO rescue projects!  The fabulous furnishings in this hallway didn’t start out quite so pretty as they are now.  Instead, ChiWei of One Dog Woof started out with an old dining room console and a couple of free wine crates from the local wine shop.


ChiWei started off the transformation by covering the dated, dark finish on the console table with white chalk paint.  She replaced the old drawer hardware with whimsical ceramic knobs in blue and white.  Next, ChieWei painted the wine crates a sunny shade of yellow and added wheels to the bottom for added functionality.  Placed underneath the table, the rolling crates offer more storage space to keep this front hall organized.  I love it!


Make sure you click over to One Dog Woof to get the scoop on all of the good ideas to be found in this entryway makeover.

Kids’ Craft: Necktie Rattlesnakes

Maria blogs at Sew Travel Inspired.  A recent vacation to see her grandchildren in New Mexico inspired this fun craft project that upcycles old neckties.  “I took my grandchildren to visit the American International Rattlesnake Museum in Old Town Albuquerque,” Maria explains.


Noticing how the shape of a necktie was very similar to the shape of a snake, Maria gathered some old ties and helped her grandchildren turn them into playful snakes!  They attached eyes to the lower, wider ends of the ties to form snake faces.  Maria pulled the seam out at the skinny end of the ties so there would be an opening there that the children could help push stuffing into.  She stitched the ends closed and helped the kiddos add forked tongues to finish off their new snake friends.  Adorable!


See the full tutorial for this fun kids’ craft at Sew Travel Inspired.