Old Windows, New Uses

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How was your Wednesday? Mine was busy, as usual, but I enjoy working on my blogs so much, it’s good busy.  :)

Tonight I’m excited to share Katie, from Reuse, Redo, Relove., and her creative new use for old windows.

One of the features I like less in my builder basic home is the lack of old house architectural details.  So I add them.  And old windows are a great way to add rustic architectural coolness.  I have  one on my mantel, and love to hang them on walls.

Katie turned hers in to fabulous photo displays.



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Candlelit Romance from Chippy Barn Wood

Sara, A.K.A “Mrs. Major Hoff” blogs at Major Hoff Takes a Wife.  She tells us, ” My friend just happened to find this fabulous chippy painted barn wood when she was out strolling through a pasture. Okay, so she is a veterinarian, and maybe is out in pastures more than the rest of us–but holy smokes! What a score!”

Major Hoff Takes a Wife old wood before

While most of the wood was set to be turned into picture frames, one piece was a little chunkier than the others, so Sara had the chance to get creative with it.  By drilling four round holes into it, she created a beautiful votive candle holder for her friend’s breakfast table.  How lovely!

Major Hoff Takes a Wife old wood after

Get all the details on this project at Major Hoff Takes a Wife.

Castaway Dresser Gets Ombre-fied

Over at Restoration Redoux, Shanna’s friend gave her a few pieces of furniture that the didn’t want anymore, including this dresser.  “This was the first piece I’ve completed that didn’t have any hardware, so since the fronts were so plain to begin with, I decided to focus on the color,” Shanna explains.

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser before

The finish was free of dents and scratches, so the first step in this makeover was to give it a quick coat of ivory shaded paint.  Then, Shanna went for the ombre effect on the drawers.  Starting at the top, she added a little more turquoise paint to the ivory paint she had already used with each successive drawers.  The graduated shading looks especially lovely on this piece.  It reminds me of a swimming pool!

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser after

Get more details on this project by clicking over to Restoration Redoux.

Vintage Folding Chair Makes a Great Command Center

Over at Nalle’s House, Anu asks, “A folding chair is great for small spaces, parties and as additional seating, but what do you do with it while it’s not in use?  I decided to make my vintage folding chair serve double duty as seating and as a command center in my front entry.”

Nalle's House folding chair before

Wait–did Anu just say she turned a folding chair into a command center?  That’s right!  With the chair folded up, she painted the bottom of the seat with chalkboard paint, to serve as a message center.  She hung a handy little rectangular bucket from the crossbar of the chair with s-hooks.  “The tray at the bottom is perfect for holding sunglasses, keys, cellphone, etc. and even for adding a little greenery or flowers to the space,” Anu notes.  Hung up on the wall, the chair pulls double duty as stored extra seating and a commend center!  Not to mention, it’s completely beautiful in this space.

Nalle's House folding chair after

Read more about how this folding chair was repurposed at Nalle’s House.

Spiffing Up Old Books

Over at her blog, Two Twenty-One, Chelsea has come up with a fun way to add a little pizzazz to old books.  She covers them with fabric!

Two Twenty One fabric covered books before

Don’t let the mention of fabric scare you away from this project since there’s no sewing involved.  Chelsea simply cuts a rectangle of fabric and uses adhesive spray to attach it to the cover of the book.  The sky’s the limit on this one–you can use any fabric you like to achieve this look.  Keep this tip in mind for styling bookshelves.  You could have a lot of fun with that!

Two Twenty One fabric covered books after

Do see a detailed tutorial on this process, visit Two Twenty-One.

Coffee Table Redo

At Lolly Jane, Kelli reveals that all her neighbors know just how much she loves “junk”.  They call her when they have stuff to get rid of, and that’s how Kelli acquired this heavy-duty coffee table top.

That’s right–just the top.  Kelli added the legs and a fresh coat of pretty blue paint.  Now it looks great and offers a terrific storage option for her living room!

Visit Lolly Jane to learn all about how Kelli redid this coffee table.

Trashed Lamp Gets a Second Chance

At her blog Sweet Pea, Paula shares the story of a salvaged lamp.  She found this lamp in a dumpster…during a beach vacation!  The lamp came home with her and recently got a makeover.


To spruce up this lamp, the first thing Paula had to do was get rid of the rust covering the brass.  She sanded that away, then sprayed all the metallic parts of the lamp with gold paint.  The glass section she spray painted, too, with silver.  The finishing touch was a new shade, found on sale at the local home improvement store.  What a transformation!


You can visit Sweet Pea to learn more about this lamp makeover.

Too Many T-Shirts? Make a Dress!

I shared a project recently over at one of my other blogs, Infarrantly Creative, that was super fun to make.  If you have piles of old t-shirts like I do, this is the refashion for you!

old t-shirts

To make this dress for my little girl, Kayla, I started with a top that fitted her already and was in pretty good shape.  I sewed on horizonatal strips of fabric cut out of the t-shirts to add a skirt.  One of my favorite things about this dress is the embellishments I added to give the dress more visual interest, like screen printing flowers on to one piece of fabric, and adding rhinestones to another.  Kayla loved it!

DIY upcycled t-shirt dress

Click over to Infarrantly Creative to get all the details on how to make an upcycled t-shirt dress of your own.