Beautiful Buffet Makeover

"One day, as I was driving the car, I saw this dismantled dresser on the pavement in front of a house along with other rubbish," Camille begins her rescue story at Gustave & Voltaire. "I stopped and rang the doorbell to ask if I could take it, but it was so big it didn't fit into my car. So the owner offered to deliver it to me in his truck!" Rescue AND delivery? Why, yes, please!

Blue No More: A Buffet Makeover

When Jenna of Rain on a Tin Roof first moved into her current home, she loved the pretty periwinkle blue of the buffet/entertainment center in their living room.  "And it is still a really pretty color. But it does not work well with navy blue or gray or kelly green," Jenna notes, the colors that she's gravitated to in her current decor.

Country Design Style dining desk area before

Dining Buffet Repurposed to an Office Desk

At Country Design Style, Jeanette's dining room pulls double-duty as an office space.  In that space, she had a lovely vintage buffet that wasn't functioning at optimum capacity:  it only held a few linens and dishes that got pulled out infrequently for formal dining.  On the other side, she had two sad little filing cabinets in the corner that were functioning at over-capacity as storage for office supplies. Country Design Style dining desk area before
May Richer Fuller Be kitchen cart before

Kitchen Cart Made Fabulous

Over at May Richer Fuller Be, Chaney was visiting her parent's at their river house when she spotted this unsightly kitchen cart in their garage.  Turns out, it was something that the previous homeowners had left behind.  Chaney was able to see past the nasty orange color an imagine the potential in this cart. May Richer Fuller Be kitchen cart before
Art is Beauty bar before

From Old Buffet to Basement Bar

At Art is Beauty, Karin got a call from her uncle one day, asking if she would like to come get an old Federal style buffet he was clearing out of his basement.  "My hubby and I went over and picked it up,"  she tells. "It was funny because as we were picking up the buffet pieces were popping off of it and they were worried.  I said, 'I have saved worse than this!'" Art is Beauty bar before