Vintage Pillowcase Upcycled to Vendor Apron


Sarah has a confession: she can’t resist buying pretty linens from the thrift store, and now her collection is taking over the garage. They say the first step is acknowledging the problem. The second (much more fun) step involves turning vintage pillowcases into beautiful vendor aprons over at Sadie Seasongoods!

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Cooling Down with a Junk Drink Stand

broken stool

Today’s rescue comes from Courtney of A Diamond in the Stuff. When she found a broken stool on the curb, she knew she’d eventually find a use for it. The stool’s day of destiny arrived, and now it’s a drink stand, perfect for an outdoor get-together!

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Fab BBQ Station from Beat-up Computer Desk


Dianne’s daughter found an old computer desk on the curb while out riding her bike. Dianne, who blogs at Once upon a Storage, says she had been “looking for a piece that I could turn into a BBQ Prep Station on our patio,” so she snagged this desk and turned it into a fully loaded Father’s Day gift.

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Popsicle Sticks Serve Double-Duty for Dad

popsicle sticks

Jennifer at My Daylights says, “My husband is not the easiest person to shop for and so I often rely on getting small little things, like treats and cards, for Father’s Day.” Can anyone else relate? She and her kiddos found a great way to use up popsicle sticks to make a fab (treat-filled) Father’s Day card

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Flower Power: From Chandelier to Hanging Planter


There are hanging flower baskets, and then there’s getting fancy. Roeshel of DIY Showoff is definitely in “fancy” territory after this makeover, which has her turning an old chandelier into a colorful hanging planter.

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DIY Bedsheet Teepee


Aniko from Place of My Taste wanted to add a fun element to her little boy’s bedroom. And what’s more fun than your very own teepee? (Answer: pretty much nothing.) Opting not to spend $150 or more, Aniko instead used an old duvet cover for what she calls an “inexpensive, easy and YOU CAN DO IT TOO project!”

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Pallet-Inspired Coffee Mug Rack


Laura from My Newest Addiction kept seeing really cute coffee mug racks made from pallets, but did not love the $100+ price tag they came with. Instead, she created a version of her own! (Secret spoiler alert: you don’t even need a pallet to make this!)

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From Boring to Beachtastic: Outdoor Pillow Makeover


Now that the weather is getting warm, Gina is excited to enjoy the great outdoors on her new porch chairs. Her one problem is that “the pillows they came with were so dull & sort of ho-hum.” Luckily, Gina had a pair of old couch pillows hanging around “for just an opportunity like this.” She’s showing {…Read More…}