Charging Station from a Shoe Box


Shoeboxes aren’t hard to find (who needs an excuse for new shoes?) and they can be used and reused in so many ways. This idea comes from Dagmar of Dagmar’s House.

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Pretty Porch Planters from Discarded Drawers

MyLove2Create, drawers and spindles

Mindi has “seen drawers used for planters several times and loved them.” Thanks to a curbside find on her city’s clean up day, she finally has the chance to make her own! At My Love 2 Create, she’s showing us how it’s done.

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Crib Repurposed to a Drying Rack


I’m always so impressed to see the things my readers come up with! Take, for instance, this old baby crib that Gwen spotted on the curb while she was jogging. She details the rescue at You Can Call Me Gwen.

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Pretty Planters from Soda Bottles


Where you and I might just see empty soda bottles, Nancy sees a green-thumbed opportunity! At Our Peaceful Planet she has created not one but THREE unique planters, including one that’s (drumroll . . . ) self-watering. These planters “take no time at all to make and can be a pretty edition to your kitchen {…Read More…}

Spring-worthy Garden Hose Wreath


Andrea asked an excellent question at Scrapality while thinking about making a cute garden hose wreath: “Why purchase a hose when you can pick up a discarded hose for free?” Why, indeed! She found plenty during a spring-time “curbside shopping” trip and was able to make not one but two springtime wreaths! If you love to garden (or love a gardener) you’ll want to check this out!

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Box Tops for Education Organizer


How many of you collect box tops to help raise funds for your children’s schools? Like many of you, Susan at Organized 31 saves them when she gets them. Recently, she decided that she needed a better place to keep her box tops than the basket they kept spilling out of.

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Clipboard from a Cutting Board


Jamie, who blogs at Anderson + Grant, collected quite a few old cutting boards for a recent project. She had a couple left that she didn’t use. What, exactly, does one do with extra wooden cutting boards?

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Spice Cabinet Makeover


Organizing cabinets is one of the most satisfying home improvement projects, in my book. It doesn’t take long, it doesn’t cost a lot, but a little effort goes a long way when you can open your cupboard doors and see everything in place and ready to be used (not hunted for). At My Name is Snickerdoodle, Amy shares how she repurposed items to give her spice cabinet a clutter-free look.

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