Castaway Dresser Gets Ombre-fied

Over at Restoration Redoux, Shanna’s friend gave her a few pieces of furniture that the didn’t want anymore, including this dresser.  “This was the first piece I’ve completed that didn’t have any hardware, so since the fronts were so plain to begin with, I decided to focus on the color,” Shanna explains.

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser before

The finish was free of dents and scratches, so the first step in this makeover was to give it a quick coat of ivory shaded paint.  Then, Shanna went for the ombre effect on the drawers.  Starting at the top, she added a little more turquoise paint to the ivory paint she had already used with each successive drawers.  The graduated shading looks especially lovely on this piece.  It reminds me of a swimming pool!

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser after

Get more details on this project by clicking over to Restoration Redoux.

Bold Bride Makes Over a Wedding Gift

Chiara at One O has been “loving watercolor graphics for a while now,” but didn’t think of herself as an artist who could take on a watercolor craft. A wooden box she received as a wedding gift gave her the courage to grab a brush and have a go!


Chiara prepped the wood by soaking the surface with a damp sponge. She started painting lines of color from the bottom up, using black and white paint mixed in with her blue to create the dark-to-light effect. She repeated this technique on all four sides. Chiara is happy with her first attempt and says “the result looks pretty good to me.” I think she’s being way too modest here–this looks great!

One-O-DIY-Ombre-Watercolor-BoxTo get the detailed instructions on how to do this yourself, check out One O.


A Dresser Goes Ombre

At Divine Lifestyle, Stacie demonstrates just how fun and easy it can be to add a trendy ombre effect to your home.  It’s a perfect decorating technique for summer, since, as Stacie explains, “Ombre colored pieces give a water color effect, where the color starts off light and trickles down to a bolder hue.”  Her ombre project started with a dresser that was rescued from the curb.


The dresser wasn’t very pretty, but was actually in pretty good condition.  Stacie cleaned off the dresser and painted it white, first.  Next, she picked a sample jar of paint in a shade of turquoise that she loved.  To achieve the ombre effect, she painted one drawer with the turquoise paint first, then added a little more white paint to her sample jar to paint each successive drawer.  It was that easy!  The tall, stacked drawers in shades of turquoise are dressed and ready for summer, now!


Check out the full makeover of this dresser at Divine Lifestyle.

So Much Nature Love in this Heart

Emily from Table & Hearth share a tutorial for this neat wall hanging at  Making it in the Mountains.  She made it using some basic craft supplies and some of her favorite things collected from nature:  driftwood and acorns.


For this project, Emily used a lovely driftwood branch as her starting point.  From the branch she hung acorns and beads using strands of yarn.  She selected yarn in variating shade for an ombre effect, and touched up the acorns with gold paint for a bit of glam.  The acorn beaded stands hang at different lengths so that when it is hung on the wall, the acorns form a heart design.  Isn’t that so cool?


Find out how Emily turned a fallen branch and gathered acorns into art by visiting Making it in the Mountains.

Ombre Pinecones

Lisa from A Bride on a Budget came up with a fun and easy wintertime craft.  Ombre painted pine cones!  Lisa gathered her pinecones from outside, so that part was completely free.


Before she started painting, Lisa made sure she’d prepped her pine cones so that they wouldn’t introduce any tiny travelers into the house.  She chose several pretty shades of blue craft paint, and went to work brushing paint on to the tips of each cone.  Lisa started with a darker shade of blue on the bottom of the cone, then worked her way upwards using lighter shades of blue as she went to achieve the ombre effect.  Don’t they look great?


Stop by A Bride on a Budget to get all the details on this winter craft with pinecones.

Paint Chip Ombre Art

Over at DIY Candy, Amy came up with a fun way to turn free paint chips into art.  It’s a simple craft project that anyone can do with just a few basic craft supplies, an old frame, and a few leftover paint chips.


For this fun art project, Amy cut out a piece of thin cardboard to fit the picture frame she planned to use.  She used a craft punch to cut her paint chips into inverted arrows, which she arranged and glued onto the cardboard.  She placed them so that each color would have the classic ombre fade going for it.  Once glued, Amy popped it into her frame–easy peasy!


Visit DIY Candy to read more about this free art project.

Dresser Gets a Whole New Use–and Look!

Over at Two Wongs Make a Right, Rachel had been scouring the classifieds for an affordable combination dresser/changing table for the nursery.  Unfortunately, nothing had appeared that met her needs.  One day, a co-worker that was listening sympathetically offered up a dresser that she was trying to get rid of.

Two Wongs Make a Right dresser before

Rachel was beyond thrilled when the unwanted dresser turned out to be a lovely Mid Century Mod piece that was in great condition.  Rachel fixed it up for her future baby girl’s nursery by painting it ombre style in three shades of pink:  Valspar’s Brushed Rose, Salmon Bisque, and Snow Pa.  “We just bought a sample pot of each to keep it cheap,” Rachel explains.  She finished off the makeover by replacing the old knobs with pretty glass rose petal pulls from Hobby Lobby.  It’s so pretty!

Two Wongs Make a Right dresser after

Learn more about this dresser makeover by visiting Two Wongs Make a Right.

Sport a Trend This Fall With Ombre Pumpkins!

Last year, Karen of A Stylish Interior bought some craft pumpkins and had some fun painting them with turquoise stripes.  As you know, craft pumpkins stick around for a while, so this year Karen decided to give hers a new look.

A Stylish Interior ombre pumpkins before

Instead of bright stripes this year, she went with a muted ombre effect.  To get this look, Karen used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg, Old White, and a mixture of both.  She painted the classic shaded look onto her pumpkins by layering the colors.  What a fun way to give a nod to a favorite trend via seasonal decor!

A Stylish Interior ombre pumpkins after

You can find out more about this project at A Stylish Interior.