Painted Dresser Perfection For Big Girl Room

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Carmen, of A Simple Homestead, wanted a dresser for her “Little Chick’s”  big girl room, as the current dresser was too tall for little hands and short legs.  (Ahh, I remember the days of little hands and short legs.  And I miss them.)

Anywhoo, Carmen  had an old dresser that had been used for a changing table (such a great idea), but it needed an overhaul.

Here’s what she started with.  A small chest with a worn finish, something that I’m sure many of us have stashed in our basements while we wait for inspiration (or need) to strike.



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Hand Me Down Dresser Gets Dressed Up

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I am so excited about all of the submitted rescues I’m receiving to feature here at RoadKill Rescue!

Thank you so much for everyone that has submitted a project, I am working to catch up and will respond to all of you asap!  (if you’d like to submit a rescue to be featured, click here)

Let’s start off our Wednesday “hump day” morning with this amazing hand me down dresser transformation from Deb at Lake Girl Paints.



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Castaway Dresser Gets Ombre-fied

Over at Restoration Redoux, Shanna’s friend gave her a few pieces of furniture that the didn’t want anymore, including this dresser.  “This was the first piece I’ve completed that didn’t have any hardware, so since the fronts were so plain to begin with, I decided to focus on the color,” Shanna explains.

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser before

The finish was free of dents and scratches, so the first step in this makeover was to give it a quick coat of ivory shaded paint.  Then, Shanna went for the ombre effect on the drawers.  Starting at the top, she added a little more turquoise paint to the ivory paint she had already used with each successive drawers.  The graduated shading looks especially lovely on this piece.  It reminds me of a swimming pool!

Restoration Redoux ombre dresser after

Get more details on this project by clicking over to Restoration Redoux.

Taking the 70s out of the Dresser

Taryn inherited a dresser with great clean lines that was the perfect size for her daughter’s room. Unfortunately, it “was clearly a victim to some serious orange spray paint in the 70’s.” What’s a gal to do? At Design, Dining, and Diapers she’s working a pastel-friendly transformation with the help of chalk paint powder!


Taryn sanded the dresser to strip off the orange paint, then stained it. She mixed the chalk paint powder “into a quart of ‘remnant latex paint’ that I picked up from the hardware store for $2.50. . . . It’s a light gray with a little bit of a blue undertone.” After dry-brushing it on, Taryn can honestly say “THIS STUFF ROCKS MY SOCKS OFF.” The final touch came in the form of pink drawer pulls, chosen by her little girl. Looks like mama and daughter both have great taste!

BBFrosch-Chalky-Paint-DresserTo read more about this makeover, visit Taryn at Design, Dining, and Diapers.


Dresser Revamp, New York City Style

At Makin’ My Apt a Home, Arod’s daughter has been wanting a New York City theme for her bedroom.  Mom decided to make it a reality, and the first step was transforming this hand-me-down dresser.


To give this worn-out old dresser some city style, Arod started by stripping down the finish on the dresser top and then stained it.  Using chalk paint, she painted the drawers dark gray with a crisp, white border.  Next, Arod used some inexpensive sign stencils to write the names of different city streets onto the drawers.  She lined the drawers with NYC-themed fabric, and finished the project with a set of pretty glass knobs.  Perfection!


To get all the details on this makeover, visit Makin’ My Apt a Home.

Mid Century Mod Dress Update in Gold and White

“This dresser was part of my bedroom set growing up,” Abby explains at Just a Girl and Her Blog, “and I took it with me when I left my parents’ house and never gave it
back.”  She’s used the dresser in different ways around her house, even painting it black several years ago, as you see in the picture below.



“I was in the mood for a change recently,” Abby admits, which inspired this makeover.  Since the black paint was showing every nick and finger print, and hiding some of the fun mid-century-mod details, she decided to go with a lighter look.  Abby painted the dresser glossy white, then accented the drawer pulls and legs with gold paint.  It looks fantastic!


Get the details on this dresser transformation at Just a Girl and Her Blog.

Paint Stick Herringbone Dresser

Here’s a rescue of my own that I shared at Infarrantly Creative, recently.  This brown dresser was one a friend was getting ready to toss out, but she passed it along to me, instead.


 Admittedly, the dresser didn’t have a lot going for it, other than those cool retro, mid century mod feet.  It had a pretty rough finish, so I decided to keep that weathered look.  I painted it with pale blue chalk paint.  I covered the drawers with stained paint sticks that I arranged in a herringbone pattern.  Much better, don’t you think?


You can get all the details on paint and other materials I used for this makeover at Infarrantly Creative.

Photo Finish for a Hand-Me-Down Dresser

Like I’ve said before, not every old piece of furniture needs a major overhaul to become beautiful and/or useful again.  An old Ikea Malm dresser at {BD} Photography is the perfect example.  Bridgette shares how this hand-me-down from friends got a new look.



This particular Malm dresser needed a small repair, which Bridgette took care of first.  Then, she headed to the local copy store to have a favorite picture of her daughters printed off as an engineer’s print….which cost a whopping $3!  She trimmed the print, cut it to fit the drawers, and applied it to the drawer fronts with spray adhesive.  Instead of making the photo a permanent application by coating it with decoupage medium, Bridgette (a professional photographer) plans to replace the photo with updated versions on a regular basis.  Fun!



Hop on over to  {BD} Photography to learn more about this photo ready dresser makeover.