Mid Century Mod Desk Get a Beauty Treatment


At Art is Beauty, Karin picked this desk up off the roadside over a year ago. She love the mid century modern style of the desk, but was super intimidated by the layers of oil paint, mold, and other gross stuff on the desk top.

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Cloche from Repurposed Objects

diy mini cloche materials

“Anytime I can get crafty without having to go to the store is a good day for me,” confesses Selene at Restoration Beauty. She made this pretty cloche using items she already had on hand.

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Barbie Zombies!

thrifted Barbies

Fair warning: the rescue I am about to show you is chilling….and hilarious. It’s the brainchild of Amanda, over at Crafts by Amanda. With kids who are pretty much grown, Amanda can make her Halloween decor just as spooky as she wants. And what could possibly be more terrifying than Barbie Zombies?!?!?

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Farmhouse Table from Fence Wood


When Sabine and her family moved into their current home, they were met by an old fence that was completely falling over. Rather than throwing all that wood into the trash bin, she decided to make a table, and shared it at Mom In Music City.

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Books as Halloween Decor


Got any books lying around that you’ve considered tossing? Well, consider using them for Halloween decor! This idea comes from Susan’s young son at Organized 31.

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Driftwood Garland


Colleen from Lemon Thistle came up with a really need project using things she found in nature. She’s been collecting small pieces of driftwood, and decided to turn them into a garland.

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Pretty Wood Slice Wreath


I love seeing things that people make from objects they’ve found in nature. One of my current favorite trends along these lines is the use of wood slices to make natural looking decor items. Here’s a gorgeous wreath that Laura of Finding Home put together using wood slices from a fallen birch branch.

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Scandinavian Style Platform Bed


We all know that over time, our tastes change. I’m always impressed when people find a way to help the furniture they already have evolve to suit those changing tastes. Nicole’s platform bed at The Felted Fox is the perfect example of this.

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