Choose Your Own Bathtub Tray Adventure


Larissa just completed a beautiful farmhouse-style bathroom update and got lots of compliments on her fabulous bathtub tray. So she’s sharing the tutorial at Prodigal Pieces, where she’s showing us how to create not one but two different styles (modern and rustic), both perfect for that long luxurious soak!

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Gold & White Globe


Curly Craft Mom Carrie’s son “had this old globe laying around that he never used,” so she snagged it to work into her home office decor. Of course, she couldn’t resist glamming it up with a makeover first!

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Wunderbar Upcycle for Antique Measuring Cup


Ronja from Nur Noch used her “daughterly charms” to walk away from her dad’s antique stash with this rusty metal 1950s measuring cup. When she couldn’t remove all the rust, she decided it was time for the cup to embrace a new life as a funky, functional planter.

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Denim Stars and Stripes Garland in Tokyo


Jeans are Alyssa’s go-to, which means she goes through a lot of them–and then refuses to throw them away, “since I’m a hoarder denim is so expensive.” While living in Japan, Alyssa has make her own Fourth of July decorations. At Alyssa & Carla this awesome expat is showing us how her worn out jeans will play a starring role this year!

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Bold Bride Makes Over a Wedding Gift


Chiara at One O has been “loving watercolor graphics for a while now,” but didn’t think of herself as an artist who could take on a watercolor craft. A wooden box she received as a wedding gift gave her the courage to grab a brush and have a go!

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Scrap Wood Planter is Worth the Wait


Kristi at Making it in the Mountains says, “Every time I see one of these lovely planter boxes, I tell myself that I’m going to make one too . . . and then life gets busy. ” She’s finally making it happen, thanks to a scrap wood challenge and a stash of beautiful blue mason jars.

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Tour de France-worthy Foyer Table

bike wheel

Kimm at Reinvented needed an “unusually tall, unusually narrow and unusually shallow foyer table” to fit her tall, narrow, shallow foyer. The solution came in the form of four porch posts, one old bike wheel, and a genius husband.

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Going Rustic with Wooden Candle Sticks

wood candlesticks from Goodwill

Jamie is the owner of a large collection of stained wooden candlesticks. She says, “They all have a nice shape, but I’m not too much of a fan of the finish and some of them aren’t in great condition.” Jamie, who blogs at Anderson + Grant, hit on a solution for turning these (almost) beauties into gorgeous rustic pillar candle holders!

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