Cute Corner Bench from a Crib


“On one of our pickin’ trips we garbage picked two sides of a crib,” tells Karen at The Salvaged Boutique. She thinks that at one time, the crib must have looked a lot like the crib pictured below, but at the time she found it, everything but those two sides were too broken to be salvaged.

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Rescued Table Gets an Update Look


This old table was rescued by Sarah when she found it sitting on the roadside in front of her apartment complex. It didn’t look too promising, but she took it home anyway. Check out the makeover she gave it at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs.

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DIY Faux Enamelware Bucket


I’m always impressed with the things that Carolyn comes up with over at her blog, Homework. Take this enamelware compost bin, for instance. It looks like a legitimate piece of vintage enamelware, right? Nope! She made this from a cheap little bucket that housed a gifted amaryllis last Christmas.

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Freebie and Fur Unite to Become a Swanky Stool


Erin from DIY Passion picked up several of these cable spools a while ago, and they’ve been sitting out in her garden shed waiting for a light bulb moment. That came when Erin spotted a ripped up fur coat in the fabric section of the local thrift shop. “$8 for real fur is half the price of faux fur at the fabric store!” she points out, so it was easy to feel confident about experimenting with it!

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Valentine Storage Jars

baby food jars

After-Christmas-blues getting you down? Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up, so if you need a little pick-me-up from the January blahs, I suggest doing a Valentine craft, like this cute one made from baby food jars by Courtney of Crafts by Courtney.

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Picture Proof Bottle Cap Magnets


Over at Mommy Is Coocoo, Amanda came up with a project to make use of those picture proofs the school sends home of her kids each year. You know–the ones they use to encourage you to order more photos from school picture day? Not only did she make use of the free photos, but she reused some bottle caps, too, so this project was really inexpensive.

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Animal Topped Glass Canisters


Planning some organizing projects for the new year? Well, here’s a decidedly glamorous way to store smaller items…..made from upcycling a few decidedly unglamorous items: pickle jars! Luzia Pimpinella came up with this creative and inexpensive storage option.

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Pretty Winter Luminaries from Mason Jars


Everyone has an empty mason jar or two on their shelves, right? Well, here’s a way to use those jars to create some winter decor. Amy shares it with us at Her Toolbox.

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