Framed Succulents: No Green Thumb Necessary


One reason succulents are so great is that they’re hard to kill. Succulents made out of paper, though? Even better! Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow grabbed an old picture frame and created a framed paper succulent piece that looks fabulous and needs absolutely no watering.

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From Spare Tire to Fab Planter


Turns out having an old tire in your yard doesn’t have to look junky–not if you turn it into a colorful planter like Roeshel did! Let’s see how she worked her magic at DIY Showoff.

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Cool Outdoor Pallet Bar


Today’s rescue comes from Melanie of Making it in the Mitten. She loves entertaining outside during the summer, and this year she decided “we needed a space to place food and beverages while we are outside.” Her husband grabbed a couple of free pallets from work, and they used them to build an outdoor bar!

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Metallic Mermaid Hair Clips


Ashley from Hello Nature loves combing the beach for interesting, beautiful seashells. Her growing collection has inspired a “a nautical hair accessory that’s perfect for Summer!”

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This Bundt’s NOT in the Oven

green bundt pan

Bonnie from Our Secondhand Home is back with a new makeover! Last year we featured her bundt pan planter and now she’s got a new pan and a new idea. This time her attention is turned to the sewing room–specifically some “pretty in pink” ribbon storage!

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Finish Your Cereal and Make Mini Pinatas


Heather from Woods of Bell Trees has a great idea for using up cereal boxes! She’s making a bunch of darling mini pinatas in the shape of strawberries: “a very simple, easy peasy shape.” These would be a huge hit as party favors and party decorations.

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Prepping for a Well-Stocked Summer

wire basket

Erin a HUGE fan of summer, and loves that it’s time to “change out the backpacks and lunchboxes for beach towels and sunscreen.” This year she is making a “Summer Basket” to keep in her mudroom. The medicine cabinet “is upstairs, and not so convenient for dripping wet children coming in from the slip-n-slide for a band-aid.” An old wire basket is volunteering for duty at The Organized Life.

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Taking the 70s out of the Dresser


Taryn inherited a dresser with great clean lines that was the perfect size for her daughter’s room. Unfortunately, it “was clearly a victim to some serious orange spray paint in the 70’s.” What’s a gal to do? At Design, Dining, and Diapers she’s working a pastel-friendly transformation with the help of chalk paint powder!

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