Warm Mittens from Worn Sweaters

At Organized 31, Susan has been turning old sweaters into one of our favorite things:  warm woolen mittens!

Organized 31 sweater mittens before

Susan has several tips for anyone who wants to do this project.  She mentions that if you are looking at the thrift store for sweaters, check the children’s section, too, since even a toddler size sweater is big enough to make a pair of mittens.  She also encourages you to look for other wool items, like scarves, since those can be used for this project, too.  Once Susan finds a sweater, she traces out a simple, two piece mitten pattern, cuts it out, and then sews the two halves of each mitten together.  “By using the sweater seam as the outside edge of the mitten, I don’t have to sew that area,” she notes.  This makes warm, cozy mittens that look really cute, too!

Organized 31 sweater mittens after

Get all the details on this project at Organized 31.


  1. Thanks for sharing my repurposed sweater mittens. I hope more sweaters are rescued and turned into mittens.

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