Sister’s Sweater Gets Refashioned

Maya blogs at Little Treasures, where she tells us, “My sister knows that before she throws or gives something away she has to let me get my hands on and through them to see if anything needs its life prolonged.”  When she discovered this sweater in a bag of clothing from that sister, Maya knew she could definitely reuse it.

Little Treasures sweater before

To refashion this sweater, Maya simply added some pretty crocheted lace that had been given to her by another friend.  She used the ivory lace to trim the collar and cuffs of the black sweater. “I know I did the right thing because the moment my sister saw it she asked if she can borrow it,” Maya laughs.  The pretty, new trim on the sweater looks great and ensures that a once forgotten sweater will be worn again.

Little Treasures sweater after

Find out more about this sweater refashion at Little Treasures.

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