Cowboy Boot Reboot

Becca blogs at Halfway to Hipster.  Over the summer, she found a pair of cowboy boots.  It appears they were worn by a genuine cowboy, too, based on their condition.  As anyone who loves boots knows, when you find a good pair, you grab ’em, so Becca went ahead and took these home.  She was certain they had potential.

Halfway to Hipster boots before

Recently, Becca decided it was time to work on those boots.  She started by sanding down the peeling leather on the top half of the boots.  She was careful not to sand down the stitching, so she wouldn’t compromise the strength of the boots, but she did sand pretty much everything else.  After sanding, she gently rubbed away the remaining finish with acetone.  After that, Becca taped off the parts of the boot that she wanted to remain the original color, and then she went ahead and painted the top half of the boots!  The results, as you can see, are stunning.  “This makes me excited now though because imagine all the possibilities… and how many other ugly leather Goodwill shoes this technique can be used on,” Becca says.

Halfway to Hipster boots after

Get all the details on this boot refashion at Halfway to Hipster.

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