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Yard Stick Serving Tray

Courtney hates letting things go to waste. As she says at A Diamond in the Stuff, "If I think that I can come up with a use for it, I’ll hold onto it. Sometimes for a very long time." Hmmm . . . I'm sure none of us can identify with that at all, right? After a sewing table project, Courtney had a ton of leftover yard stick remnants. And of course she couldn't just throw them away (of course) so she turned them into a yard stick serving tray!

Beautiful Tray from Reclaimed Wood

"Early in the summer my mom and I tore down the playhouse my dad had built for me as a child," says Jamie at Anderson + Grant. "Even though the wood foundation was no longer in a condition to hold up the walls, the wood pickets that boarded the outside were still in great condition. We saved many of the boards to use for various projects." Here is one of those projects.

DIY Serving Tray

Over at Create.Craft.Love., Jill claims her dad's basement is a real treasure trove of saved and forgotten items. "I swear the man has never thrown anything away. As a DIY fanatic, it’s like going to the thrift store every time I visit!" she laughs. On a recent visit, Jill came away from her dad's with some old kitchen cabinet doors.

Serving Trays from Cardboard Boxes

"A trip to to Costco to purchase party supplies led straight to these empty boxes and a lightbulb moment," reveals Susan at Organized 31. She was preparing for her daughter's graduation party at the time, when she realized that shelling out money for expensive serving trays wasn't necessary.

From Toys to Tea: An Upcycling Project

Over at View From the Fridge, Katie loves getting the wooden toys made by the Melissa and Doug toy company...but hates the fact that none of the wooden packaging for these toys comes with lids!  "Bins without lids hold toys for maybe 3 minutes before my two little boys dump the entire contents out onto the floor," she laments. wood-toy-box

Free Fence Post Projects

A while back, Christy at Confessions of a Serial DIYer had the opportunity to collect some discarded fencing--for free!  "It had been cut into the perfect 4 X 4 stack," she notes.  She's been able to get a lot of mileage from that pile of boards.  Want to see some of her projects? old-fence-boards
Becoming Martha yard sticks before

Measure of a Makeover: Yardsticks and a Serving Tray

At Becoming Martha, Sarah tells about the opportunity of a lifetime.  A friend got permission to go through an abandoned farmhouse and {legally} take away anything she wanted, and she invited Sarah to go with her.  "It was a little creepy at first," she confesses, "until we went inside and started digging through the dirt to find the gold." Becoming Martha yard sticks before
lovely little life before

Wooden Thrift Store Tray Rescued by Washi Tape

Having seen lots of cute (but expensive) serving trays floating around the web, Hannah from Lovely Little Life was excited to find a few forgotten wooden trays at Goodwill, and bought them for a fraction of the price she would have paid elsewhere!  She took on the challenge of making this one as cute as the trays she'd seen online. lovely little life before
Making Lemonade breakfast tray before

DIY Faux Bois Breakfast Tray

Carrie blogs at Making Lemonade.  I could totally relate to her description of the item that started this makeover.  "Enter this generic breakfast tray that we’ve had for at least a decade," Carrie begins, "the type you get at Bed Bath & Beyond in the hopes that life will be filled with breakfasts in bed and lazy Sunday mornings.  Then the reality hits and you find your 2-year-old using it as a surfboard down the deck stairs.  HYPOTHETICALLY."

Making Lemonade breakfast tray before