From Pineapple Lamp to Chic Memo Stand

Christy received this pineapple lamp with a challenge from a friend: give it a makeover. At Confessions of a Serial DIYer, she says, “This was kind of cute as is, but the lighting was super dull and I have no need for a tiny lamp.” So she cut the cord off and waited a few days for inspiration to strike.


Christy says that eventually “the threaded piece sticking out at the top gave me an idea.” She decided to make a memo chalkboard! Christy found an old thrift store picture frame in her garage, drilled a hole into it, and screwed it right onto the lamp. To match the lamp, she spray painted the frame gold, then gave the frame and lamp a coat of white. She sanded a bit to “bring out some details,” then inserted a piece of chalkboard. And there you have it: Challenge Accepted!


See how to make your own at Confessions of a Serial DIYer.

Swing Arm Lamp Makeover

At Inspiration for Moms, Laura has been working on a spruce-up of her sons room.  Wanting to create a reading nook, she’d selected the bed as the perfect spot, but needed better lighting.  Laura almost shelled out money for a set of new sconces, but remembered just in time that she’d be removing the wall lamps in her master bedroom for an upcoming remodel.


The wall lamps that Laura had needed bit of an update before she could install them in her son’s room.  She spray painted the metal fixtures silver.  She had new lampshades, but since they were plain white, Laura spray painted them red to match the elements in her son’s room.  They turned out great!


Get all the details on this makeover at Inspiration for Moms.

Giving a Lamp Some Sparkle

At Besa GM, Besa has a lamp that she’s kind of attached to.  So attached that she just keeps transforming it as her decorating style changes!

Beso GM ceramic lamp

The most recent makeover for this lamp started with a can of spray paint that Besa already had on hand.  She completely sprayed the lamp base, changing it to a lovely silver.  When the silver paint was dry, she used black tempera paint to add a simple stenciled wreath to the lamp.   Besa already had the shade, as well, which she dressed up by trimming it with thick strips of black vinyl.  It’s a totally new lamp!

Beso GM ceramic lamp painted and stenciled

Go to Besa GM to find out more about this lamp makeover.

Coral and Navy Combine for a Gorgeous Lamp Rescue

Jenna blogs at 24 Cottonwood Lane.  She’s been working on a makeover of her master bedroom, and sticking to her budget has resulted in several impressive rescues.  Just take a look at what she did with her old lamps.

24 Cottonwood Lane lamp before

These lamps have been in Jenna’s bedroom for at least four years.  They worked with the former color scheme, but not the new one.  So, Jenna solved that problem by covering up the white base with high gloss navy spray paint.  New white shades were dressed up with diagonal stripes of coral ribbon.  It’s a completely new look for these lamps, without spending a fortune on new ones.  Great job, Jenna!

24 Cottonwood Lane lamp after

Get all the details on this lamp makeover at 24 Cottonwood Lane.

Drab to Fab Scalloped Lamp

At Pig and Paint, Alison originally purchased this lamp many years ago, adorned with a heavy 70’s rust-colored, bead-trimmed shade.  Over the years she held on to it, switching out the lamp shade for the one shown in this picture, but never really loving the look.  So finally she transformed it into a glamorous lamp that could live in her master bedroom!

pig and paint before

Alison started by painting the awesome monkey base a glossy white, giving it a much more modern vibe.  Then she went to town on the lamp shade, using a fabric fish scale technique to create the scalloped look.  She cut out several 2 inch circles and half circles from gray fabric, and hot glued half circles around the bottom of the shade.  Alison worked her way up the shade, layering circles and applying just a small dot of hot glue at the top of each circle to allow the fabric to hang freely.  She hot glued half circles around the top of the shade before adding her last row of circles.  To finish the top and bottom edges, Alison cut long strips of fabric, folded them over and hot glued them, essentially creating a faux seam, then glued them in place.  I love the scalloped look Alison achieved!  Oh hot glue, is there anything you can’t do?

pig and paint after

Get all the details on Alison’s process for creating the scalloped look over at Pig and Paint!


Faux Mercury Lamps

At Creative Dominican, Becca has been working on a master bedroom makeover.  Not wanting to spend a ton of money for the kind of lamps she wanted, Becca was thrilled to find these substantial brass lamps at her local Goodwill.

Creative Dominican brass lamps before

A mercury effect was the look Becca was going for when she gave these lamps a makeover.  “I sprayed the lamps lightly with water,  then sprayed on the Krylon Glass,” she explains.  That created a silvery bubble-like effect, similar to mercury glass.   Becca completed the faux mercury effect by dabbing on a little black craft paint for added dimension.  Each lamp was topped with a burlap “bubble” lampshade, to achieve just the look Becca wanted for her master bedroom.  A very unique set of lamps!

Creative Dominican brass lamps after

You can find out more about this faux mercury technique at Creative Dominican.

Brass Lamp Makeover with Orange

Lauren of If It’s Not Baroque found these lamps at a flea market.  No one else was excited about the brassy beauties, but she could see their potential.

If It's Not Baroque lamps before

Although she knew when she brought them home that she wanted to paint the lamps, it took Lauren a little while to decide on a color.  “A few weeks ago, I decided on orange.  Our house is very colorful so, I thought I’d incorporate a color that I rarely ever use,”  she said.  “The spray paint I used is Rust-oleum American Accents Ultra Cover in Gloss Real Orange.”  She covered lampshades in coordinating fabric, and now has two gorgeous new lamps in a fun citrus hue!

If It's Not Baroque lamps after

You can find out more about this makeover at If It’s Not Baroque.

Lamp Into Table

Alicia of Thrifty & Chic had an old lamp on her hands that simply didn’t work any more.  And at Alicia’s house, stuff like that doesn’t just go to the curb.  Nope, it gets turned into something useful!

Thrifty and Chic lamp before

In this case, Alicia loved the curvy lines of this lamp and decided to repurpose it as a base for an occasional table.  After removing the electrical components, she topped the lamp with a circular piece of wood to form the tabletop.  She painted the piece a pretty shade of bright turquoise.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  I think this is one of the most fun lamp makeovers I have ever seen!

Thrifty and Chic lamp after

You can get all the details on this project at Thrifty & Chic.