Old Book to Football Fan Smash Book

At Diary of a Crafty Lady, Lindsay shares one of the projects she worked on for a special Christmas surprise this year.  For an aunt and uncle who are die-hard college football fans, she created a fun memory keeping “smash book”.  And she made it by upcycling a book no one wanted!

Diary of a Crafty Lady smash book before

Smash books are a really fun scrapbooking concept.  As Lindsay explains, they are ” lots of pictures, words, little scraps of things you want to keep, all smashed onto pages, piled high, overlapping.  Anything that helps you remember, and is meaningful, is meant to go inside.  It is a lot of fun!”  Since this book was meant for keeping memories from favorite football games, Lindsay picked an old book that had a cover in colors of the team her aunt and uncle root for.  She pulled out the book pages, replacing them with binder rings and cardstock, and got things rolling with the smash book theme by adding a few memories for them, lifted from their Facebook pages!  Such a fun idea–I’m sure Lindsay’s aunt and uncle will have a great time with this.

Diary of a Crafty Lady smash book after

Visit Diary of a Crafty Lady to find out how to turn an old book into a smash book.

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