Making Boring Shoes Spectator Worthy

Our second shoe makeover of the day comes from Becca from Halfway to Hipster.  She had the brilliant idea of painting shoes to give them an utterly trendy new look.  Check out how she turned old shoes into funky spectator shoes!

Halfway to Hipster spectator shoes before

Becca started with a boring old pair of black oxfords.  They were in relatively good shape.  She removed the laces and went to work using acetone to remove the black finish from the leather uppers on these shoes.  Once the color was gone, Becca roughed up the leather a bit with some sandpaper.  Then she painted the uppers using white leather paint.  Voila!  Her efforts produced a snazzy pair of spectator shoes!

Halfway to Hipster spectator shoes after

Get more details on this shoe rescue project at Halfway to Hipster.

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