Changing a Cell Phone Case with Washi Tape

When Krista’s husband surprised her with a new smartphone one fine day, she was excited about accessorizing it with a new case.  Unfortunately, the case she ordered wasn’t what she’d anticipated.  “It was such a slippery case!  I felt like I was going to send it flying across the counter top with the slightest nudge,” she says at her blog, While He Was Sleeping.  After trying to make do for a few days, Krista decided to do something to make the case better.

While He Was Napping Phone Case Before

To decorate her case and make it less slippery, Krista reached for her stash of washi tape.  She selected a few rolls that coordinated.  Then, she placed strips of tape across the back of the case to form stripes.  “Press the tape into all the nooks and crannies so the case still fits well on your phone,” Krista recommends.  She used a craft knife to trim around the cutouts for the camera, etc.  To protect the new case, Krista painted a layer of clear nail polish over the washi tape stripes.  Isn’t it adorable?  And it’s no longer slippery, to boot!

While He Was Napping Phone Case After

Learn more about this project by visiting  While He Was Sleeping.

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