Upcyle Toilet Paper Tubes into New Year’s Eve Party Favors

Taryn from Design, Dining and Diapers shared this festive upcycling project at Kleinworth & Co.  She started out with a pile of empty cardboard toilet paper tubes.

Design Dining & Diapers new year favors before

To turn the cardboard tubes into pretty favors, Taryn started by cutting festive silver wrapping paper into strips.  She wrapped a strip of paper around each tube, securing them at one end with a ribbon.  Next, Taryn dropped treats inside the tubes through the open ends, before tying them off with ribbon, too.  She created a fun celebration label to stick on each favor, which you can download for free.  This is a simple, low-cost favor that you could easily share with family and friends as you welcome 2014.

Design Dining & Diapers new year favors after

Get all the details on this DIY party favors made from toilet paper tubes at Kleinworth & Co.

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3 thoughts on “Upcyle Toilet Paper Tubes into New Year’s Eve Party Favors

  1. I made favors like these once, many years ago. The people at the dinner were disappointed that there were no crackers in them. I didn’t blame them, either. I’d have liked to know where to buy the strips that make the crackers crack. Still don’t know. So none of these DIYers in my future.

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