Make Your Own Wrapping Paper

If you’ve ever run out of wrapping paper at the last minute, or you want to customize your wrapping paper to make your gifts extra special, then you’ll love this idea from Christine, The DIY Dreamer.  Along with a bit of technology, all it took for her to make some pretty paper were a few cedar clippings from her yard.

The DIY dreamer diy wrapping paper before

When Christine got a printer this fall that could copy and fax as well as print, she realized it would be the perfect tool to create wrapping paper.  She loaded up the paper tray with regular bright white printer paper, and then placed a few of those cedar branches onto the printer’s glass scanning bed.  She copied and printed the branches using the “best quality” setting, and it totally worked!  The printer produced lovely sheets of evergreen decked paper that Christine could use for wrapping small gifts.  Lovely!

The DIY dreamer diy wrapping paper after

Visit The DIY Dreamer to get all the details on this project.

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