Brown Paper Packages Tied Up With String are a One of My Favorite Christmas Things

Who has already started wrapping their Christmas presents?  Well, if you need a little inspiration and want to have a greener, cleaner Christmas, take a cue from Laura of Laura Kelly’s Inklings, and turn brown paper grocery bags into gift wrap, this year.

Laura Kelly Designs grocery sacks before

“I love to recycle and make use of items that might otherwise go in the trash, especially grocery bags,” Laura explains.  ”Secretly, I ask for paper because I love to wrap with them.”  To use the bags as wrapping paper, she cuts the bags open so that they can be flat.  She wraps so that the blank, non-printed side of the bag is on the outside of the present.  Laura dressed up her brown paper packages this year with twine and festive buttons.  So cute!

Laura Kelly Designs grocery sacks after

Get more details on how Laura embellished plain paper at Laura Kelly’s Inklings.

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