Adorable Gifts Made from Upcycled Frappuccino Bottles

Do you love drinking Starbucks’ take-home frappuccinos?  You know, the ones in adorable little glass bottles?  Well, if you can say yes to that, then you are halfway to having this gift idea made, according to Laura at Laura Kelly Designs.

Starbucks Frappuccino bottles before

The first step–after drinking the frappuccino, is to wash the bottles and remove the Starbucks’ label.  Next, Laura used white enamel to paint the outline of a snowman onto each bottle.  She embellished the snowmen with ribbon scarves, buttons, and carrot noses made from Sculpy clay!  Next, she tells us, “To fill them up, I added fun treats that go in hot cocoa…marshmallows, and candy cane pieces along with some white chocolate and chocolate chips.”  Yum!  What a darling gift that anyone could enjoy.

Laura Kelly Designs frappuccino snowmen

Get more details on this project over at Laura Kelly Designs.

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