Old Pallets + Old Belts = Something Special

Over at Our Pinteresting Family, Meghan shares another great use for pallet wood.  “We had a few pallets left in the garage from last summer. I mentioned to Rob that it may be time to find them a new home or put them on Free-cycle.”  Rob, however, had a better idea, that included upcycling the pallets and some old belts from Meghan’s closet.

Our Pinteresting Family belts before

Rob made some rustic looking trays with the wood.  After carefully taking apart the pallets, he cut the wood to the sizes needed.  The boards were nailed to form shallow boxes, and stained to have a lovely, worn patina.  Meghan’s old belts were cut apart to make handles for the trays–a genius use for the leather!  She explains about the trays, “We are going to use them for the deck this summer to hold drinks or flowers.”  Great idea!  I think I need some of these.

Our Pinteresting Family belts after

Get more details on the making of these pallet trays at Our Pinteresting Family.

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