Rainbow Crayon Organizer from Upcycled Cans

At Sugar Bee Crafts, Mandy is getting her children ready to go back to school.  She came up with a way to upcycle a few cans and keep her family’s crayon collection organized.

Sugar Bee Crafts crayon organizer before

For this project, Mandy upcycled the smaller vegetable cans–you know, the ones that usually have pop tab tops.  They are just the right size for crayons and don’t have sharp edges.  She wrapped colorful paper around each can to indicate which color of crayon it should hold.  Then, Mandy made a simple base for the cans, to keep them sitting in a row.  How cute is that?

Sugar Bee Crafts crayon organizer after

Follow Mandy’s tutorial over at Sugar Bee Crafts to upcycle  a few of your own canned goods into a rainbow crayon organizer.


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