Stars of the Silver Screen: a Jewelry Organizer

April at House by Hoff nabbed an old window screen from the attic of her old home before she moved.  “The house was built in 1921, and I’m fairly certain this screen was original to the house…cool!” April says.

House by Hoff before

Recently, April’s little daughter has become veeeeerrrry interested in her mommy’s jewelry.  Deciding that it was time to get some of that jewelry out of reach of little hands, April decided to repurpose that old screen into a jewelry organizer on her wall.  She first painted the dingy frame.  Then, April used picture penders from a picture hanging kit she had on hand to form hooks to hold the jewelry.  “I totally had to google it to find out what those things are called!” she confesses.  Dressed up with some adorable garlands, the vintage screen makes April’s jewelry look like art on the wall!

House by Hoff screen after

Get all the details on this rescue at House by Hoff.

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