Multiple Rescues Make a Delightful Play Kitchen for Kids

What I am about to show you is probably the ultimate repurposing project.  Gail, from My Repurposed Life, started out with the inspiration to turn an old bedside table into a cute little play kitchen.  But using a single castaway piece of furniture wasn’t enough for this veteran Rescuer…..

My Repurposed Life play kitchen before

Nope, being the overachiever that she is, Gail had to add not one, not two, but several repuposed items to create a designer kitchenette!  She lists off all the items, telling us, “The components of the center are: The fridge is an old kitchen cabinet. The Stove is a nightstand.  The right hand shelf is an old drawer. The skirting is from an old foot board.  I made the backsplash and or top shelf from some scrap bead board and pine.  The counter top is a scrap piece of plywood with Giani Granite Countertop Paint on it (leftover from when I painted my own countertops).  The sink is a pet bowl.  The faucet is from the ReStore.”  Wow!  Painted and styled, this turned out to be such a dreamy little play kitchen.

My Repurposed Life play kitchen after

Get all the details on this play kitchen made from rescued items at My Repurposed Life.

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3 thoughts on “Multiple Rescues Make a Delightful Play Kitchen for Kids

  1. Gail is my hero…been following her for a very long time. Her projects never cease to amaze me. I enjoy your features too!!

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