Using Yardsticks to Get Organized

Over at Lovely Little Life, Hannah’s parents gave her some items to add to a recent garage sale.  “When I saw several bright red yardsticks in a pile of their “junk” I immediately snagged them for myself.  They were beautiful to me and I knew I could give them new life,” she said.

Red Yardsticks

Since Hannah has been working on organizing her craft room, she decided to use the yardsticks in that space.  She decided to create a small box with them to organize some of her craft supplies.  Hannah claims that putting together the box was easy, and notes that it would make a fun gift for a teacher.  I agree–it’s adorable!Lovely Little Life yardstick box

Learn how she put the box together at Lovely Little Life.

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5 thoughts on “Using Yardsticks to Get Organized

  1. Great idea! I’ve been looking for a small box with dividers to hold my cords and ear buds in a drawer, this box would be perfect! Now to find some yardsticks, a saw…..

  2. Love this idea… I met a man that would go to yard sales with his wife and all he bought was the yard sticks and made a chair rail around his whole garage…

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