Utensil Holder to Jewelry Hanger

Over at Dear Emmeline, Jessica had a kitchen utensil holder that hadn’t been used since she’d attached an Ikea hanging bar to the kitchen wall.  “That left me with a useless stand that either needed to be tossed or repurposed.  I chose the later!” she says.

Dear Emmeline utensil stand before

Jessica decided that the former utensil holder would make a great spot to hang jewelry!  After cleaning and de-greasing the utensil holder, Jessica gave it a couple of coats of spray paint in a pretty pale blue color.  Once the paint dried, she covered the stand part of the holder, and dipped the top in Plasti Dip.  “This will make a nice soft surface to rest your jewelry and keep it free from scratches,” she explains.  What a great idea–this would be the perfect thing to have in that spot (wherever it may be) that we start shedding our jewelry at the end of the day.

Dear Emmeline utensil stand after

Get more details on this project at Dear Emmeline.

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