Pretzel Container to Nautical Vase

Over at 21 Rosemary Lane, Barbara has been looking for ways to decorate her back patio without using glass.  Since the patio floor is concrete, glass decor is an accident waiting to happen.  Inspiration for a nautical vase came from an unlikely source, as Barbara shares, “Last week the kids and Chris polished off one of those big containers of pretzels, but I wouldn’t let them toss out the actual container…I had an idea.”

21 rosemary lane before

Barbara began by washing out the container.  Next she removed the paper label, glue and all.  Then Barbara sprayed on two coats of white spray paint.  After the paint dried, she sprayed the bottom of the soon-to-be-vase with spray adhesive, then wrapped jute twine around the bottom of the container and around the threads of the container’s mouth.  A few nautical knots in more twine tied around the middle of the container was the finishing touch!   Barbara’s unbreakable new vase is certainly a beautiful addition to her patio!  I guess I’d better start eating pretzels!

21 rosemary lane after

You can find the step-by-step process for this nautical vase at 21 Rosemary Lane.

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