Old Colander Becomes a Planter

Krista of The Happy Housie pulled this old colander out of the free pile at her friend’s garage sale.  “She told me that she had used it in her garden and that got my ol’ wheels spinning,” Krista said.  “I was planning to tackle the deck this weekend so I thought that it had great potential as a little planter for some Hens ’n’ Chicks that I wanted to repot.”

The Happy Housie colander before

The colander was a little scratched and rusty, but it wasn’t anything a coat of spray paint could handle.  Krista chose a bright yellow.  Once the paint had dried, she filled the colander with some sweet little succulents, for a miniature garden that looks perfect out on her patio.  What a great idea!

The Happy Housie colander after

You can read more about this project at The Happy Housie.

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2 thoughts on “Old Colander Becomes a Planter

  1. I JUST acquired one of these for $1.15 at a local flea market – after searching for a colored one for well over a year! Mine has a little rust on the foot, I’ve been using it to hold fruit on my counter, but chicks n hens transplanted into small vintage vessels (silver plated candy dishes, small juice glasses + such are one of my shop’s biggest sellers. And I never met a spray paint project I didn’t like, especially in yellow – fun idea!!!

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