Men’s Polo to Women’s Bow Shirt Refashion

Lisa blogs at Grey Luster Girl.  When her dad gave her an XL striped gray polo shirt he’d never worn, she knew it was meant for more than sitting in a man’s closet.  So Lisa decided to refashion it into a cute, feminine bow shirt.

grey luster girl before

The first step in the transformation was to unpick the collar, which Lisa saved to use for the bow later on.  Next she cut off the sleeves, put the shirt on inside out, and pinned up the sides so she could take them in to fit her body.   Lisa used sleeves from one of her own shirts as a pattern to fashion smaller sleeves out of the existing ones, then sewed the new sleeves back on the shirt.    To make the bow, Lisa sewed strips using fabric left over from the sleeves and sewed them onto the collar.  Can you believe what a lovely shirt she ended up with?  I’m off to raid my husband’s closet now, what about you?

grey luster girl after

You can get step-by-step directions for Lisa’s bow shirt at Grey Luster Girl.

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