Cereal Boxes to Stylish Drawer Dividers

Jen blogs at IHeart Organizing.  Although her desk drawer was once beautifully organized with acrylic drawer dividers, she decided to use the drawer dividers in her vanity instead.  And five months later, her desk drawer needed some love.

iheart organizing before

Enter some leftover food boxes, such as cereal boxes, waffle boxes, and granola bar boxes.  Jen collected enough to fill her drawer, and once she had arranged them to fit perfectly, she cut them down to size using the drawer as a guide.  After that, Jen used cute scrapbook paper and tape to jazz up her free new drawer dividers.  Aren’t they beautiful?  Jen’s drawer dividers have me searching my house for a drawer the perfect size to organize and beautify just like she did!

iheart organizing after

Visit Jen at IHeart Organizing to see the step-by-step process.

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8 thoughts on “Cereal Boxes to Stylish Drawer Dividers

  1. Very resourceful! My husband thinks I am a hoarder ALREADY, now I’ll be saving cereal boxes. Very cool, thanks for sharing!

    1. Ha ha, I have the same problem, Marce! I think of those adorable dividers and can’t throw a single box away! One of these days I will actually make them! Thanks for taking the time to comment, I appreciate it!

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