Old Gutters to Strawberry Garden

Marcy blogs at Day2Day Supermom.  When she spotted a lettuce garden made from gutters on Pinterest, Marcy immediately thought of the old gutters lying out behind her husband’s shop.  Instead of lettuce, though, Marcy was craving strawberries!

Day2Day Supermom gutters before

A very handy husband helped Marcy by cutting apart the gutters and mounting them on a wall of the old well house in their backyard.  Marcy filled the gutters with styrofoam (for a lightweight drainage aid) and potting soil.  Once she’d added the strawberries, the gutter garden was complete!  Here’s hoping that many berry harvests are in your future, Marcy!

Day2Day Supermom gutters after

You can get all the details on this project at Day2Day Supermom.

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