Jewelry Holder from a Cheese Grater

At The Pink Hammer Blog, Kelly shared a terrific idea for organizing jewelry.  During a recent move, she was dismayed to discover how tangled her jewelry had become.  When she found an old cheese grater that someone else was ready to throw out, inspiration struck.

The Pink Hammer chesse grater before

Kelly re-imagined that cheese grater as a way to get her jewelry untangled.  This project was as simple as using a can of spray paint to give the old grater a shot of color and cover up the rusty spots.  The holes in the grater make the perfect spots to hang or attach earrings and other jewelry.  What a fun idea!

The Pink Hammer cheese grater after

You can find out more about this project at The Pink Hammer Blog.

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3 thoughts on “Jewelry Holder from a Cheese Grater

  1. I use one of these in my kitchen at the moment, but I know what will happen after its ‘life of shred’! Ive got so many ear rings that they always get muddled&lost…brilliant idea for organisation&even better idea for re-useing! Thank you for that tip..Cheers JNK

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