Tax Day Wreath

Did everyone get their taxes filed?  I hope so!  I’ve never come across a craft just for tax day, but this one from Carolyn at Moose Mouse Creations was just too good not to share.  It’s a wreath made from tax forms!


Hilarious, right?  It makes perfect sense, though, once you know that Carolyn’s mom is a tax preparer, and is super busy from January through April.  April 15th represents the end of an especially crazy time for her, so Carolyn thought that occasion deserved a wreath.  Leftover tax forms were the medium of choice–a hilariously fun departure from the common book page wreath!  I think this is a perfect gift for anyone who’s life gets crazy right before tax season.

Moose Mouse Creations tax wreath after

You can find out how Carolyn made this wreath at Moose Mouse Creations.

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4 thoughts on “Tax Day Wreath

  1. I’ve seen something similar at my local thrift store. They used music sheets instead. This one would be nice to give to an accountant or tax preparer. :-)

    1. I agree! Maybe as a peace offering if they had to sort through a big pile of receipts this year…not that I would know about that!

  2. My husband is a CPA and has been relaxing for two days now–think I will make this for his office for next year’s tax season. Thanks for the inspiration!!

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