DIY Pallet Veggie Garden

Tracie blogs over at The Bunch.  She’s been trying various ways to get a garden started in a challenging backyard environment for the past few years.  This season, she hit upon a great way to make inexpensive garden boxes using salvaged pallets.

The Bunch pallet garden before

The concept is simple but oh, so smart.  Tracie and her husband added some scrap wood to the sides of their pallets to create boxes.  They stapled week barrier on the bottom of the boxes.  Once the boxes were built, they moved them to a sunny spot in the yard and filled them with a vegetable-friendly mixture of topsoil and manure.  The seeds have been planted in these nifty beds, and now all Tracie has to do is wait for summer’s bounty!  These garden beds look fantastic.

The Bunch pallet garden after

You can get more information about these pallet garden boxes at The Bunch.

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2 thoughts on “DIY Pallet Veggie Garden

  1. Readers should know that pallet wood–however popular–is often treated with chemicals that you might not want it your house, near your kids, or surrounding food you intend to eat. See, e.g.,

    It’s a good idea to learn more about this and make your own decisions about creative re-use of pallets, or at least try to discover effective ways to neutralize their chemical content.

    1. Thanks for sharing this information, Gillianne! It’s always good to do your research before jumping into any project.

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