Birchbox Boxes Repurposed

At Eat.Sleep.Make., Shannon shares a great little upcycling project.  She and her husband get monthly samples from Birchbox, and they arrive in these great little boxes.  Something as cute as that couldn’t just get tossed, so Shannon’s been saving them until inspiration struck.

Eat Sleep Make birchbox before

And strike it did.  The boxes that arrive with samples for her husband were stacked up in Shannon’s studio, waiting,when Shannon realized that they make great little stackable drawers.  “I don’t know about you,” Shannon confides, “but my husband tends to leave tiny things laying all over the house.. change, receipts, ticket stubs, pocket knives, ear buds.. WHATEVER.  So I thought giving him a tiny chest of drawers like this to use will help him keep organized and help me keep my sanity!”  She gave the drawer fronts a coat of chalkboard paint for easy labeling, and stacked them on her husband’s bedside shelf.  Genius!

Eat Sleep make birchbox after

You can get more information about this project at Eat. Sleep. Make.

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3 thoughts on “Birchbox Boxes Repurposed

  1. I love this idea, simple&good utilisation of something which might otherwise have been thrown out! Even I could do this! Thank you for the ideas! Cheers JNK

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