Industrial Light Bulb Necklace

This upcycling project from Aubrey of Project Lovegood started with red and blue flashing lights and a friendly warning from a cop: “Ma’am, I just wanted to let you know that your brake light is out.”  It was Aubrey’s husband’s idea, after replacing the bulb, that she should turn the old one into a necklace.

Project Lovegood light bulb before

Aubrey loved the interesting color of the burnt-out bulb, so she agreed it would make a great piece of jewelry.  She used jewelry making wire to wrap around the top of the bulb and create a loop for a chain to pass through.  The finished necklace is as pretty as it is unusual.  Aubrey launghs, “Now, when I have ‘light bulb moments’ I can do so wearing my light bulb necklace!”

Project Lovegood light bulb after

You can learn more about how Aubrey made this necklace at Project Lovegood.

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4 thoughts on “Industrial Light Bulb Necklace

  1. I have a light bulb out right now (My hubby found it so hopefully I can get to the parts store before a police officer takes it upon himself to inform me.) maybe I should try to make a necklace out of the burnt bulb too!

  2. I was never going to pin much jewelry, because I knew I would never make any, but lately I have seen stuff I could actually do, that’s cute – like this. Guess I need a jewelry pinterest board.


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