Baseball Cuff Bracelets

I’m really loving all the cuff bracelets I’ve been seeing crafty people make, lately.  I’m super excited about the ones that Jennifer of The Magic Brush is making from old baseballs!


Jennifer has her husband cut the old baseballs apart, her kids play with the interesting insides, and she gets to add all the pretty stuff.  So far, Jennifer has added feathers, broaches, fabric flowers, and more to embellish these unique cuffs.  (Lots of great options for bling with the {styled} line of jewelry, by the way.)

The Magic Brush baseball bracelet

You can learn more about Jennifer’s baseball cuff bracelets at The Magic Brush.


  1. Thank you so much for the feature!!! Blessings to you Becky!

  2. very good Idea.. very beautiful …
    thank you for sharing with us..

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