Soda Tab Belt

Ginger of Gingerly Made came up with a creative way to upcycle something you’d never expect into a cute accessory.  She figured out how to turn aluminum soda can tabs into a belt!

Gingerly Made soda tabs before

Ginger was able to crochet collected tabs together to form a belt.  I think the combination of the metal tabs and the gray yarn gives this belt a neat look, almost like chain mail.  It’s a fun statement piece!  Plus, I thought Ginger had a great idea for collecting the tabs–since her family doesn’t much soda, she put out the words on Facebook.  Way to help everyone be involved in an upcycling project, Ginger!

Gingerly Made soda tab belt

You can follow her tutorial to make a belt of your own at Gingerly Made.


  1. Wow. That’s very creative!

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